Our Vision

To develop children in such a way that they should face the challenges in society independently.

Our Mission

  • To impart quality education by maintaining the highest standard on all fronts.
  • To assure the realization of the full potential and comprehensive development of the pupil s through curricular and co-curricular activities.
  • To enhance the moral, spiritual, emotional and psychological growth of the pupils.
  • To synthesize the students towards their responsibilities towards the society and the environment.
  • To provide examples to the students through the attitude and behaviour of the school staff.
  • To enable, encourage and endow every student to initiate a lifelong pursuit of learning and excellence.
  • To bring about holistic growth and development of body, mind and soul.
  • To nurture in a safe and supportive environment and lead by example towards creating global citizens with human values.
  • In order to realize the basic objective outlined earlier Pearly International & Day Care School was launched under aegis of the Pearly International Trust.
  • We are committed to provide appropriate education meeting the highest levels of educational standard expected.

With sincere and dedicated effort of our staff, disciplined behaviour of the students and valuable inputs received from the parents and the constant guidance and support from the managing committee, the school has been able to make steady progress and establish a niche among similar schools in the city.


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